Elements of Charlotte provides 24/7 pond maintenance and pond service for Charlotte pond owners, regardless of who built your pond or water feature. We provide professional pond maintenance on any issue you could have with your pond, from mechanical to water quality.

Your pond and water garden are living eco-systems. They require maintenance, service, balancing and attention in order to thrive and grow properly. Elements of Charlotte is one of Charlotte's most experienced and best pond maintenance and pond service providers! We've solved and repaired just about any pond maintenance scenario you could imagine.

Once we have your pond or water garden "balanced" and stable, we offer on-going pond maintenance offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule beginning at just $89 monthly! We also work with our pond owners on annual Spring Pond Cleanouts. This is the major pond cleanout of the year as we gently awaken your pond and get it ready for a beautiful spring, summer and fall.


Green water in ponds, water gardens and fountains is the most common maintenance issue that we face. We've seen all types of harsh chemicals poured, one right after the other, into ponds to try and clear-up the water! The best cure for green water is to have a "natural filtration" system that naturally absorbs and rids your pond of algae. We build and install these natural filtration systems for any pond.

Elements of Charlotte is experienced at helping our pond and fountain owners conquer the green water algae challenge! We would prefer to set-up our natural filtration system to manage your water from the beginning. But we do carry all-natural, environmentally-safe pond and algae treatments that can help speed the process along without bringing any harm to fish, plants and critters.

What causes the pond water to turn green? Excess nutrients and sunlight cause the free-floating algae to prosper. A well-planted pond will often be cloudy green for a week or two in the early spring, before the plants have kicked in. After that time, the plants will use up most of the nutrients and provide some shade, and free-floating algae should disappear. Ponds with few plants will need heavy filtration. Again, we prefer to set-up natural filtration systems in your pond.

Pond Maintenance Services Provided by Elements of Charlotte - from $89 monthly!

    Pond Inspection Services
  • Check and clean pump intake
  • Clean skimmer basket and filter pad
  • Inspect plumbing and hardware and replace if needed
  • Check for shifted waterfall and stream rocks
  • Full pond perimeter inspection for leaks
  • Lighting system inspection
  • Free light bulb replacement
  • Auto-fill inspection and replacement

  • Pond Treatments & Aesthetics
    • Beneficial bacteria (organic)
    • Flocculant for cloudy water (organic)
    • Defoamer for foamy water (organic)
    • Free aquatic plants installed through the year
    • Cover any exposed pond liner with mulch or gravel
    • Reposition rocks for better flow of water
    • Partial water changes for better water quality

    Pond Maintenance Extras
    • Reduced hourly labor costs for service calls!
    • Beautiful tropical Water Lilies at our cost!
    • No "nickel and diming" like competitors do!

    To schedule a pond maintenance or pond service appointment, please call Elements of Charlotte at 704-359-7181 or Contact Us. We look forward to becoming your new pond maintenance company!

    Water Feature Maintenance & Service from Elements of Charlotte

    • Fountains of All Types
    • Urns & Basalt Columns
    • Water Clarity Issues
    • Algae & Fungicides
    • Owner Consulting & Training
    The amount of information that we have learned from Joseph on pond maintenance is enormous! Our problem was green pond water and his monthly maintenance takes care of all the pond issues. Elements of Charlotte does a great job.

    -Jim Shephard, Charlotte