Cool spring, summer and fall evenings spent gathered around the glow of your outdoor fireplaces creates bonds with your family, friends and special loved ones that will be remembered for years to come. And beyond the emotional benefits of your outdoor fireplace, you also extend your time outdoors into the late fall and winter months!

Charlotte homeowners not only want to increase their outdoor living footprint with outdoor kitchens, we want to increase our "living" footprint with outdoor great rooms! And the focal point of every warm and comfortable great room is a beautiful, natural wood-burning fireplace.

Today, there are so many different types of materials that can be used to design and build your outdoor fireplace. At Elements of Charlotte, we can use beautiful combinations of Flag Stone, Brick, Man-Made Concrete products, and other contemporary masonry products. We can design and build custom outdoor fireplaces from just about any material!

Our outdoor fireplaces also provide the safety of a confined fire so you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of an outside fire without the worry that comes with an uncontained fire. And you can just imagine the options - everything from doors to grills to incorporating waterfalls!


We invite you to call Elements of Charlotte at 704-359-7181 or Contact Us for a free estimate on designing and building an outdoor fireplace for your outdoor living space!


We see an outdoor living trend that is moving to Charlotte from the west coast. It's this entire concept of Outdoor Living Patios...almost like every large living space inside your home is replicated in your outdoor living space...including the fireplace!

Outdoor living spaces can be created with just about any budget. Add in some creativity from Elements of Charlotte, and you're on your way to extending your home's usability and footprint into your back yard.

From a nice warm cozy fire pit to a full-scale towering fireplace, the element of fire will make any backyard attraction fun and entertaining. Outdoor fireplaces are "hot" outdoor living additions. Any style, from simple to exotic stone designs, can be captured and constructed to meet your tastes, interest and lifestyle.


Outdoor fireplace size. Generally speaking, the larger your yard, the larger outdoor fireplace you can have without appearing unsightly or "overloaded". Obviously, we always incorporate local Charlotte fire codes dealing with proper construction, size and building specifications.


Outdoor fireplace design. The design of your outdoor fireplace is the focal point of the area where you decide to build your outdoor fireplace. We like to design and build outdoor fireplaces that have a similar design element to your main house. However, everything we design and build is custom, so the possibilities are endless!


Eco-friendly outdoor fireplaces. Every Charlotte homeowner who plans to have an outdoor fireplace should consider the environment. This means that you should have enough trees and space to help ensure minimal air pollution. This also means that we will set your outdoor fireplace far enough away from the house as to avert fire hazards.