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Charlotte Landscaping Projects with Elements of Charlotte
Feb 3, 2012  |  

It’s been an unusually warm winter for the Greater Charlotte area so far…as we all know, it could turn brutally cold here in March!  But the warm winter weather has been ideal for landscaping and hardscape construction projects for our clients.

Charlotte landscaping and hardscapes company Elements of Charlotte Outdoor Living.

The client in these photos had a problem with a flower bed on a slope in their front yard (as you can see in the photo above).  Every time it would rain, the dirt would run down the slope and the mulch would wash away.  They called Elements of Charlotte (thank you for finding us on the web!) and we suggested a dry-stacked, small, decorative retaining wall to solve their problem and add a decorative landscaping focus and feature.

Charlotte landscaping and retaining wall construction company Elements of Charlotte Outdoor Living.

The real purpose of any retaining wall is to hold back earth and material.  As an added benefit, retaining wall material can also be decorative and attractive.  The homeowner here elected to use this beautiful stone for this particular landscaping project.

The retaining wall project took right at 3 hours and the cost, with stone, was $425.  Now, the happy homeowner has a much more functional and decorative feature for their front yard and flower garden!  And the soil and mulch will not erode and wash down the slope when it rains.

Charlotte retaining wall and landscaping company Elements of Charlotte Outdoor Living.

Next on the list for this particular homeowner is a 10′ x 18′ stone waterfall that will drop down into a series of permeable pavers and recycled.  They want the waterfall and permeable pavers to actually be a part of their existing patio, which is going to be gorgeous!  More on this waterfall project as the weather allows.

If you would like to add some inexpensive, functional and decorative landscaping features to your yard, please call Elements of Charlotte at 704-359-7181 or email joseph@elementsofcharlotte.com.  We look forward to becoming your next favorite and affordable landscaping and pond build company in Charlotte!